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Welcome to Yacht Charter World, the comprehensive online yacht charter directory. With many yacht charters based all around Europe, including the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Atlantic.

Browse by Region through our charter database and build yourself a journey that suits you in every aspect. With so many yachts readily available, you can be sure that your Yacht holiday will be a success in every way!

If you really feel like trying something new, a holiday on the water will never fail to satisfy you! Whether it's cruising through the English Channel or circling the beautiful islands of Tuscany, there are just so many options available, that there is now no such thing as a non-tailor-made journey.


There are many Yacht Charter services across the globe, whose aim is to rent a vessel (sometimes with a skipper or even small crew) for the enjoyment or requirements of the customer. The boats also range dramatically: some charters will supply only small, single-cabin vessels; others will deal with much larger vessels, capable of accomodating more than 10 people. Others will supply both - across the range.

For your money, you will generally receive:

  • The Loan of a Boat
  • Skipper and/or full range of chandlery
  • Everything you need inside the boat ie. Bedsheets, Kettle, etc.
  • Any other necessary services
  • Fuel, Gas, Freshwater, etc.
  • Safety equipment and Lifejackets
  • Optional Insurances and Policies etc.

There is only one thing which can 'spoil' a yachting holiday, this being the weather. It is therefore very important to buy a week which is either:

  • Almost certain to be the desired weather.
  • In a part of the world that is usually the desired weather.

Presuming that sunny weather is wanted (usually the case), it doesn't just mean that you can visit the Greek islands and have guaranteed beautiful weather, in fact, it varies for different parts of the year. However, on the locations page on the left, we do supply information on the weather usually associated with different countries during different months.


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