Italy - Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea lies between the west coast of the Italian peninsula and east coast of the Balkan peninsula. It usually supports fewer tourists than Tuscany, with the exeption of Rimini, whose population grows by ten times each year during the tourist season!

There are over a thousand islands in the adriatic, only 66 of which are inhabited. They are usually charachterised by rising abruptly out of the ocean, with the exeption of a few, such as Brač.

If you plan to begin your Adriatic journey from Italy, virtually any airport along the West coast will suffice. There are five main airports to choose from (from north to south):

  • Trieste
  • Venice (Venezia)
  • Rimini
  • Ancona
  • Pescara


Towards the south are two more airports, Bari, and Brindisi.

If, however, you plan to begin  your Adriatic yacht journey fromthe western coastline, you have a range of options available.

For example, you could start as far down south as Greece or Albania, or as far north as Slovenia or Croatia. In fact, some people are really creative in this aspect, sometimes zig-zagging across the Adriatic several times, travelling from north to south (or vice versa). Alternatively, the many small and desolate islands (most located on the west coastline) can make a great base for a week's exploring and fun, especially when with children. 


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