IMAGE The Legacy of Westerly Yachts
Once upon a time, in a picturesque coastal town named Harborville, there was an old shipyard known as "Seafarer's Cove." For generations, Seafarer's Cove had been a hub of boatbuilding, known for crafting some of the finest vessels that ever sailed the open sea. Among the many renowned boats built there, one brand stood out—the Westerly Yachts.
The story of Westerly Yachts was a tale ...
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IMAGE Benefits Of Having Your Own Boat
Summer boat rides, fishing trips and open water swimming. That’s what you could get up to with your very own boat. Whether you’re searching for used boats Kent or splashing out on a brand new yacht, there are plenty of benefits in having your very own boat. 
Sometimes you need some space in a new environment. With your own boat, you get the freedom of travell...
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IMAGE 3 Main Checks/Maintenance Tips for Your Boat Following the Winter
It’s important to check your boat on land every so often - but we know that it can become difficult to do this during ice-cold temperatures, snow and bad weather. This means your boat will stay in its best condition for when you sell up and want to look for new boats for sale.

To help you sort your boat out after the winter, we have 3 tips to follow to make sure you don’...
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