Balearic (Menorca Minorca Ibiza Formentera) Charter Yachts 

Located south of spain, the Balearic islands have often been thought of as "a few small gems floating in the deep blue sea". In fact, this seems not far from the truth. 

The Balearics are made up of five main islands: Menorca, Majorca (Mallorca in Catalan), Ibiza, and Formentera. All four are popular holiday destination, and offer a superb combination of Beaches, Sun and Sea, let alone an extensive history and many interesting stories to tell. 

There are yachts to be charterd on the islands, and when one considers them acclaim these waters have reccieved over the past decade, one simply cannot even imagine a dissappointing tour. 

There are three main airports: Majorca, Menorca, and Ibiza, which are easily accessed from British, and indeed, other european airports.  

Balearic (Menorca Minorca Ibiza Formentera) Charter Yachts   

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