Dufour Yachts

Dufour Yachts

Michael Dufour, a French sailboat who is a naval architect and engineer launched Dufour Yachts in 1964. He was a keen sailor and had this idea to build a yacht made of polyester. This sailing boat was called the ‘Sylphe’.

With over four hundred sailboats built by year, Dufour Yauchts holds over four hundred and twenty employees in their headquarters in La Rochelle, France. They have been designing and building top-range sailing boats for over 60 years. Dufour has been established on the Atlantic Coast for more than 50 years playing a vital role as employers in La Rochelle.

Dufour Yachts have a wide range of used and new boats available. At Dufour Yachts they have a UK dealer based on the East Coast, Westwater Yacht Sales are proud to be able to offer this quality brand to our customers on the East Coast, London, South East, Mediterranean and elsewhere.

The Exclusive range offers to guarantee balance, stability and maximum performance, with the most exquisite designs. They have automated equipment for precise and effortless handling. The exclusive models offer real home from home feel representing the idea of a city apartment. These are customised boats developed with you, for you with your ideas and desires at the forefront.

The Dufour Grand Large range of sail boats ensures maximum comfort and space. The premium materials with fine details given to the dynamic sailing experience ensure the boat speaks to those on board personally.

The Dufour 48 Catamaran has been cleverly designed by Umberto Felci and offers three layouts to suit most customer’s needs.

BRIG are the world’s most advanced inflatable boats. They fuse the design, technology and precision of military aeronautics with the very finest marine craftsmanship. This is a new generation of affordable RIBs that deliver the very highest levels enjoyment with safety and design at the forefront.  BRIG is the largest manufacturer of inflatable boats in the world and are the number one best-selling brand in Australia and across Europe. The four series currently available are eagle, navigator falcon rider and falcon tender.

The most robust and well-made boats are the Haber. The sail and motor yacht range models have a distinctive traditional pilothouse style, which provides standing height even in the most compact models. They satisfy the demands of the customer who recognize quality.

Each yacht gives the customer a sense of uniqueness and this gives the company the best chance at quality improvement.

Dufour community has also since been introduced for owners to share the location and photos of their cruising with fellow sailors. This community is seen to grow daily due to the influx of community presence online. This community is made up of not only those who are experienced owners but also new buyers to share and experience the journey of having your Dufour!


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