Sicily Charter Yachts   

The island of Sicily has been described by some as the "stone being kicked by the foot", as it resembles just that. A roughly triangular island, in the impact line of the toe of the mainland.

Sicily is renowned for its beautiful seas, distinctive culture, and hot weather, especially during the summer, with temperatures sometimes peaking at as high as fifty degrees celsuis. 

The sea around Sicily is characterised by a gentle breeze and golden sunshine, being ideal for yachters who with for a location that is guaranteed to impress friends, and also to be the home of a successful tour aboard a vessel. 

And for those who wish to visit ashore for a day or two, what could be more exiting than to pay homage to the spectacular Mount Etna, an active Volcano, whose eruption pattern is erratic and unpredictable. ( Mount Etna is clearly visible in the Aerial Photograph below)


Sicily Charter Yachts   

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